A key value-add in the EquipIC supply chain service is our ability to assemble best-in-class partners with the most appropriate skills and commercial model for each project. Our major partners are listed below.

IC Design

catena systematic imec

IC Production

nxp xfab grace
umc towerjazz global

IC Assembly and Test

unisem salland giga solutions tech
NRF Lab UTAC ase
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  • Latest News:

    EquipIC supply chain is now ISO 9001:2008 certified

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Wearable Technologies conference in Munich January 2016

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Design & Re-Use IP-conference in Grenoble December 2015

    EquipIC supply chain attended the eSAME conference in Sophia-Antipolis, November 2015

    EquipIC supply chain attended Design Con 2015 – Where the chip meets the board, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Jan 2015.