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We are working with the best-in-class partners so we can deliver our customers the best service and the latest technology. Please let us know your needs for the semiconductor project and we will find a solution. Our workforce with decades of experience in the ASIC service will help you.
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EquipIC supply chain
Successfully realizing your custom IC involves coordinating multiple competencies – often distributed globally. Engaging with the best-in-class partner for each stage is one aspect; in addition, ensuring timely completion of chip design, tapeout, package design, test development, prototype build, qualification, and entry into full production is critical for the IC’s viability.

Smaller fabless companies and start-ups typically lack the resources and experience to set the correct targets and insist these are met.

EquipIC supply chain brings in-depth knowledge of technologies and project management, long-established partnerships with leading suppliers, and a successful track record of managing design, fab and backend services across continents and cultures. With expertise in areas such as technology and process selection, IP search, package selection, as well as cost, yield and risk analysis, we will ensure your project reaches each milestone on time and on budget.

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  • Latest News:

    Our new ISO9001 certificate is in

    BCSEMI New Perspectives for the IC design community The Strip, Eindhoven March 28th 2019. We like to meet you!

    Embedded World 2019
    Thank you all for being there.

    DesignCon 2019:
    Santa Clara was again a very good conference, thank you!:

    EquipIC visited TEKNOWLOGY on November 8th 2018:
    is the Dutch festival where technology, science, innovation and valorisation meet.

    EquipIC has attended the GTC on October 12th 2018
    it was a good show, with interesting subjects like
    •FinFET, FDX™
    •5G/networking and automotive solutions
    •Mainstream CMOS for smart applications
    •Next age of Wireless/Optical connectivity

    EquipIC will attend the GTC on October 12th!
    GTC 2018 Munich, Germany, October 12, 2018.

    October 4th 2018 BCsemi invited delegation from Finland
    A visit from high tech people from Finland to the Netherlands. It was very a very good meeting with new insights.

    Holland High Tech October 2nd 2018
    We attended the Holland High Tech Top Sector Electronics the workshop Photonics and roadmap Electronics.

    ISO9001:2015 Certification is now official

    Quantum computing Juli 5th 2018
    We are going to the meeting to hear and talk about Quantum computing with TNO and peers in the industry, after this we will be engaged by the AI presentation from the University of Amsterdam.

    Good GSA show, thank you voor visiting
    Thank you all for visiting EquipIC at GSA Silicon Summit San Jose, California on Thursday, April 19, 2018