Success Stories

EquipIC supply chain has a multitude of design wins over a broad range of applications. A selection of world-wide examples include:

Deep sub-micron designs:
  • Optical networking IC in Global Foundries 90nm
  • 60 GHz WIMAX IC in TSMC 65nm
  • Up-conversion / down-conversion networking IC in TSMC 65nm
Satellite Terminal Designs:
  • High-frequency front end designs: three IC’s in TSMC 0,25um mixed-mode process
  • Baseband Designs: one IC in UMC 0,18um LOGIC, one IC in TSMC 0,13um
Smart Card Designs:
  • Controller IC: NXP (Philips); 0,16um with embedded FLASH
  • Display driver : Global Foundries 0,35um (18V high voltage process) with 10nA standby
Cellular Base Band Designs:
  • GSM/Edge baseband IC: one IC in UMC 0,18um
  • 3G baseband IC: one IC in Tower 0,18um
  • HSDPA baseband IC: one IC in Global Foundries 0,13um
Precision Analog and Audio Solutions:
  • Precision voltage regulator in XFAB 0.35um w/ fuse
  • Touch Screen ASIC in XFAB 0.60um
  • Digital: two IC’s in TSMC 0,18um, one IC in TSMC 0,13um
  • Analog: one IC in TSMC 0,18um MM
  • Memory: one IC in TSMC 0,18um e-flash
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
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  • Latest News:

    EquipIC supply chain is now ISO 9001:2008 certified

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Wearable Technologies conference in Munich January 2016

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Design & Re-Use IP-conference in Grenoble December 2015

    EquipIC supply chain attended the eSAME conference in Sophia-Antipolis, November 2015

    EquipIC supply chain attended Design Con 2015 – Where the chip meets the board, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Jan 2015.