Success Stories

EquipIC supply chain has a multitude of design wins over a broad range of applications. A selection of world-wide examples include:

Deep sub-micron designs:
  • Optical networking ICs: in Global Foundries 90nm
  • 60 GHz WIMAX ICs: in TSMC 65nm
  • Up-conversion / down-conversion networking ICs: in TSMC 65nm
Satellite Terminal Designs:
  • High-frequency front end designs: ICs in TSMC’s 0,25um mixed-mode process
  • Baseband Designs: ICs in UMC’s 0,18um LOGIC and in TSMC 0,13um
Smart Card Designs:
  • Controller ICs: NXP’s (Philips) 0,16um with embedded FLASH
  • Display drivers ICs: Global Foundries 0,35um (18V high voltage process) with 10nA standby
Cellular Base Band Designs:
  • GSM/Edge baseband ICs: in UMC’s 0,18um
  • 3G baseband ICs: in Tower’s 0,18um
  • HSDPA baseband ICs: in Global Foundries 0,13um
Precision Analog and Audio Solutions:
  • Precision voltage regulator ICs in XFAB 0.35um w/ fuse
  • Touch Screen ASIC in XFAB’s 0.60um
  • Digital ICs: in TSMC’s 0,18um and in TSMC’s 0,13um
  • Analog ICs: in TSMC’s 0,18um MM
  • Memory ICs: in TSMC’s 0,18um e-flash
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • mobil equipic supply chain
  • Latest News:

    We joined the workshop Photonics Meets Semicon. in Nijmegen on Feb 08th 2018 . This workshop organized by BCSemi and joined by many enthusiastic experts in the field.

    We joined the ISE EUROPE 2018 conference
    in the RAI in Amsterdam. It was a great show!

    We will join GSA annual technology conference in San Jose, California on Thursday, April 19, 2018

    EquipIC supply chain attended the eSAME conference in Sophia-Antipolis, November 2017

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Trustech conference in Cannes, November 2017

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Smart Sytems conference in Eindhoven, November 2017

    EquipIC supply chain is working on ISO 9001:2015 certification

    EquipIC supply chain is now ISO 9001:2008 certified

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Wearable Technologies conference in Munich January 2016

    EquipIC supply chain attended the Design & Re-Use IP-conference in Grenoble December 2015

    EquipIC supply chain attended the eSAME conference in Sophia-Antipolis, November 2015

    EquipIC supply chain attended Design Con 2015 – Where the chip meets the board, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Jan 2015.