Success Stories

EquipIC supply chain has a multitude of design wins over a broad range of applications, including for example:

Advanced technology designs:
  • Optical networking ICs: in Global Foundries 90nm
  • 60 GHz WIMAX ICs: in TSMC 65nm
  • Up-conversion / down-conversion networking ICs: in TSMC 65nm
Satellite Terminal Designs:
  • High-frequency front end designs: ICs in TSMC’s 0.25um mixed-mode process
  • Baseband Designs: ICs in UMC’s 0.18um LOGIC and in TSMC 0.13um
Smart Card Designs:
  • Controller ICs: NXP’s (Philips) 0.16um with embedded FLASH
  • Display drivers ICs: Global Foundries 0.35um (18V high voltage process) with 10nA standby
Cellular Base Band Designs:
  • GSM/Edge baseband ICs: in UMC’s 0.18um
  • 3G baseband ICs: in Tower’s 0.18um
  • HSDPA baseband ICs: in Global Foundries 0.13um
Precision Analog and Audio Solutions:
  • Precision voltage regulator ICs in XFAB 0.35um w/ fuse
  • Touch Screen ASIC in XFAB’s 0.60um
  • Digital ICs: in TSMC’s 0.18um and in TSMC’s 0.13um
  • Analog ICs: in TSMC’s 0.18um MM
  • Memory ICs: in TSMC’s 0.18um e-flash
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • mobil equipic supply chain
  • Latest News:

    CITC offical opening
    Chip Intergration Technology Centre official opening on March 5th 2020. EquipIC Supply Chain will attend.

    MPW news
    Our MPW service has delivered lately the following for universities, SMEs and larger companies
    Several products in MPW node:

    BCSEMI November 19th 2019
    Come and meet us there, send us your details and we will contact you for an appointment.

    Holland High Tech Autumn event
    5G - Quantum computing - energy - sustainability - digital twin for ASML machine etc etc .

    CES Unveiled Amsterdam Oct 2019
    It was a great show with a lot of interesting speakers including our state secretary Mona Keijzer and Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje. Very nice meeting a lot of interesting start-ups.

    Come visit EquipIC supply chain Booth #4 at this year’s GSA Summit , we can discuss all of your ASIC supply chain needs!
    GSA Silicon Summit 2019 Hyatt Regency Santa Clara | Tuesday June 18, 2019, California.

    Our new ISO9001 certificate is in

    BCSEMI New Perspectives for the IC design community The Strip, Eindhoven March 28th 2019.

    Embedded World 2019

    DesignCon 2019: